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Press Release


 News Release

Contact: Barbara Glander FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
P.O. Box 39
Columbia, NJ 07832
Phone #: (908)892-4372
Bugs Avoid You Like The Plague

Columbia, NJ--Bugs and ticks won't go near you anytime anywhere whenever you spray on Bugrepel Bug and Tick Spray(TM) or use the Bugrepel Shampoo or the Bugrepel Concentrate. The National Bug Organization gave Bugrepel, a small company in New Jersey, several thousand bugs to test and the results were astounding. (see attached photo) Bugs won't go near you with Bugrepel on. You understand how important this is to you, your family, and friends especially with West Nile Virus and Lymes Disease on the loose.

Based on long standing evidence that bugs "hate" particular scents, this naturally occurring
combination stops bugs before they stop anywhere near you. So safe yet so powerful. The scent will exhilarate you yet not overpowering. A non-staining natural reasonably priced product that will protect your loved ones. Many groups of individuals have used this product throughout the world including gardeners, fishermen, hikers, hunters, campers, mothers and children, farmers, construction workers, horseback riders, and families. And people who just hate bugs and ticks.Bugs won't be your friend but Bugrepel(TM) will.

Please contract for further information and a free sample.

We're the people who hate bugs and ticks.

It's not magic, but you may think it is. The fact that there is a completely safe, natural answer to all your concerns about bugs. (Just the description of any bug on me gives me the shivers) Flies, ticks, ants,roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, all possess that annoyance that drives people crazy.