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In general, Reiki is a system of mind-body healing and much more. Reiki is a
hands-on, energy based system of natural healing and medititation (although some
techniques may be performed on the energy field around the body or via distance
as an amplified form of prayer healing), and is considered to be a way of life for some. The word, "ki" in Reiki refers to the vital energy, air, breath, wind, vital breath
and activating force of the universe. Awareness of this basic life-force energy spans many cultures/ traditions, which have adapted their own terminology for such (eg. China- "chi", India "prana", Hawaii (Polynesian Hunas)- "mana", Native American (Iroquois)- "orenda", Hebrew- "ruasch", etc.)

Reiki was discovered or re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui (Japanese Buddhist monk, former assistant diplomat and successful businessman) while on a 21 day retreat/ fast in March of 1922. Eventually, Reiki clinics were opened in Japan and Reiki came to be a national treasure (and well-kept secret). With the onset of WWII, Reiki was brought to the U.S. (Hawaii) by the Japanese-born Hawayo Takata who opened the first Reiki clinics in the U.S., and then later spread the teachings to the mainland.

Reiki = Wellness/ Wholeness

Reiki is holisitic in nature as it covers the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of healing. This "Universal Life-Force Energy" is intelligent
and goes wherever it needs to in a persons body bringing balance and activating
the client's own natural healing potential. This makes Reiki a wonderful tool for
stress, health maintenance and increased longevity.

Direct client/ healings last anywhere from a half hour to an hour or so and are
given on a massage table while the client is fully clothed. The universal life force
energy is channelled from `Source` and comes through via the Reiki practitioner's hands and into the client's physical as well as subtle energy bodies, clearing up any
energy blockages. The Reiki energy is usually experienced as a comforting warmth
or tingling which then brings on relaxation. A session usually begins with the
practitioner working several hand positions (laying-on of hands) on or over/ above the front of the body (beaming) generally from head to toe and finishes off with several positions down the back of the body. The practitioner usually holds each hand position anywhere from two and half or more minutes depending on the individual
client's needs. A full Reiki session for four consecutive days or a series of treatments
is usually recommended for more more chronic health problems or when treating the
elderly. There are no contra-indications with Reiki and all standard, regular medical
care can be continued. Reiki can speed up the healing process following surgery and can enhance the effect of medications as well.
Clearing/ Cleansing Energetics (aka. Distance Healing) is available as a service by donation.
Generally, there are three levels of Reiki although sometimes the third level is
split into two parts. Level One covers the history and overview of Reiki, meditation
techniques, ethics, and hand positions for both self-healing and direct healing. Level
Two covers Reiki Distance (absentee) healing techniques, scanning techniques, energy anatomy and emotional keys to healing, plus three sacred, ancient healing
symbols and their usage. And in Level 3, the student learns two more Reiki symbols,
the dynamics and practice of the attunement process (which creates a Reiki Healer) and other aspects of the teaching process. ***Note: All levels include an attunement process/ ceremony, which further activates/ expands the students healing ability and 'ki' holding capacity as well as specialized Japanese Reiki Techniques.
Class Fees/ Instruction

A general schedule of class fees is as follows: Reiki Level I $99,  Reiki Level Two $180, and Reiki Level III $500, however all rates are subject to a sliding scale reduction for those who qualify. Distance Instruction as well as one on one, personal instruction, and group/ class instruction are all available.

Joe DiBlasi is a Master/ Teacher of several systems of energy based healing including Sekhem-Seichim Reiki (SSR), Karuna, and Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing. He has been teaching Usui Reiki since 1998, studying holistic healing for twelve years, and has been an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek for seven years.

 Suggested Reading Material:
 The Spirit of Reiki by Lubeck/ Petter/ Rand
 Essential Reiki by Daine Stein

Contact Info.
Joe DiBlasi, Reiki Master-Teacher
Phone# (845)231-4173
Email: DBlasi1999@yahoo.com






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