Happy Home Gift Basket

    - the perfect gift for a new home-

Give them a good feeling about using you as their realtor  and helps increase sales and referrals

                 Your Clients will know you spent the extra time to show your appreciation for their business!

 People will think spent so much time and money on them but are not

Easy and Inexpensive gift at closing



Blessing says: "May your house be filled with joy, love, health, peace, prosperity and happiness
May you have good times and great memories here
May your dreams come true
May you enjoy your new home
Best Wishes, [Realtor's Name]"

Personalized custom handmade gift basket includes
8oz personalized home spray that has a uplifting spicy apple blossom scent that will make all those that smell it feel happier

-Each candle scented with coordinating scent.

-Scented potpourri to not only look beautiful and smell good but help keep the home environment fresh and good-smelling--great for table, closet, cedar chest, bathroom or to freshen a room. And it will keep bugs away.

-Personalized house blessing to bring good luck, love, joy, happiness and prosperity to the new homeowner with your name and phone number on it to help with referrals and increase future sales. If you are not a realtor and wish to give the basket as a house warming gift of as a family gift for the holidays, we can easily put in any greeting you want, just email it.

Each comes in a unique basket
Every order is personalized, custom and handmade for the client

No two orders will be alike.
Great gift of goodwill for all your homebuyers.

Each Personalized Custom Gift Basket is only $35.00






 or 877-278-8456

Please include the name you want on the house blessing. Any questions or anything special we can do, please contact us.




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