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Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb. bag
Price: $9.97

Covers more than 1000 feet worth of area
for up to an acre of garden.

Diatomaceous Earth 2 lb. bag
Price: $14.00

Covers 2000 feet worth of area.

Diatomaceous Earth 5 lb. bag
Price: $20.95

Great for 5-acre garden or fields or around the pasture.

For larger sizes, please contact us at the Our Company link above. Bugrepel Garden and Animals Products are great for garden because they will fertilize the flowers and plants while providing natural insect & pest control. They work quickly to kill roaches, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, parasites and is also good for people and animals! Diatomaceous earth contains 15 trace minerals that are great for people and animals. See our Diatomaceous Earth page for more details.

All sizes come in a flip top shaker container for easy use, along with a tips book. Can easily be put in a yard spreader or hand-held spreader for quick application.

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